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I think the game is broken? I see the nails but not the notes.

Sorry to hear that. No, is not broken (I played again a week ago and everything seemed to be fine). There are 13 possible locations for the notes.

If you have problems finding them, use the map that I linked in the game's profile. That might help you. ;)

Hola amigos, although the ghost could have been a lot scarier it was a great little game and would recommend people to check it out. 

Pretty fun.

Don't Look Back is an interesting experience, developed by Enrique Colinet (@Baxayaun) for

The premise is simple: don't look back, and collect the notes to progress the narrative forward. Fun, entertaining, and jump-scary. We had a lot of fun playing this one!

Thanks for playing! BTW, the Kabuki mask enemy was fired for the latest version of the game and replaced for something more unique. ;)

Can't wait to come back at this in hardmode with the updates!!

I got to get back into the game and play Nightmare mode, and I have to say that I love this game even more now, you did a truly great job of creating something that a lot of people who create games leave out, the actual GAME. Something with a challenge, that gives you a major objective and keeps your mind going and blood pumping. Truly a great experience, and my favorite game of the year thus far. Hope to see it get more attention.

Great game, glad I found it on here, the atmosphere is good, keeping the character searching for something while trying to avoid the monster was intense, I was able to complete Panic mode, I may try Nightmare mode as well, definitely following for future updates. I made a video, audio quality is a little bad though, sorry about that. Keep up the good work!

Hey, thank you for playing! I'm currently very dedicated to updating this game, and I think it reached almost its final version. "The creature" now looks different (I hated that creepypasta face) in version 1.2 and I added some other cool features. You're welcome to try them all! ;)

Awesome! Soon as I get my mic problem fixed I'll jump back in and check them out!

I was wondering if I can play it with a joystick?! I really anna play it it looks really good *-*

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It is compatible with the 360 controller only. At least, for now.

:( okey will get 360 emulator for it then :3 thanks